v3n2: Ohreen and Silovs on Pavlovich and Krahnke


Jim_Silovs_3“The Science of Creating Organizational Connectedness,” by David Ohreen and Jim Silovs

A COMMENTARY ON “Empathy, Connectedness and Organisation,” by Kathryn Pavlovich and Keiko Krahnke (J Bus Ethics 105(1) (2012): 131–137).

Pavlovich and Krahnke’s inclusion of neurological and psychological evidence to support organizational connectedness should be lauded. Unfortunately, we suggest a more fine-grained reading of the literature does not support their claim that empathy is critical to dissolving boundaries between employees and increasing altruism.

To download the full PDF, click here: Ohreen and Silovs on Pavlovich and Krahnke.

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