About BEJR — Now 10 years in!

The Business Ethics Journal Review (BEJR) is an open-access academic journal publishing peer-reviewed commentaries and facilitating broad discussion. BEJR operates on a free, non-profit basis. There are no fees charged to anyone for anything.

BEJR published its first Commentary on February 14, 2013.

The goal of BEJR is to provide a forum for commentary on articles published in peer-reviewed business ethics journals. In this way, BEJR seeks to augment the existing system of scholarly publication.

Short commentaries (1000-2000 words) may be submitted by anyone. (See Instructions for Authors.)

Commentaries are subject to a double-blind peer review process. Authors whose work has been the target of a BEJR commentary have a standing invitation to respond. Responses will be desk edited and published in BEJR.

BEJR is co-edited by Alexei Marcoux (Creighton University, Heider College of Business) and Chris MacDonald (Ryerson University, Ted Rogers School of Management). You can reach the Editors at: editors@bejr.org

BEJR is published by the non-profit Journal Review Foundation of the Americas.



All BEJR authors retain copyright in their work, including the right to print, distribute, and republish. The Editors of BEJR retain only the right of first publication and the right to anthologize. Anyone wishing to license or republish anything from BEJR should contact the author of the work in question. The Editors are happy to help you contact authors.

BEJR is indexed in the Philosopher’s Index.

You can learn more about our Editors and Editorial Advisory Board here.

Publishing Info:

ISSN: 2326-7526
DOI: http://doi.org/10.12747/bejr

Frequency: Each Commentary or Response is published, immediately upon acceptance, as its own Number. Currently all Numbers published within a given year are part of the same Volume. (Everything we published in 2013, for instance — 18 items — constituted Volume 1, and everything we published in 2014 constituted Volume 2. We are now publishing Volume 3.)

And look! Even other business ethics journals love what we do! Check out this terrific Twitter endorsement from none other than the Journal of Business Ethics!


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