v10n5: Ancell on von Kriegstein on the ‘Radical Behavioral Challenge’

Ancell Aaron

A COMMENTARY ON Hasko von Kriegstein (2022), “The Radical Behavioral Challenge and Wide-Scope Obligations in Business,” J Bus Ethics 177(3): 507– 517,


The Radical Behavioral Challenge (RBC) contends that due to normal human cognitive biases, many standard prescriptions of business ethics run afoul of the principle that ‘ought implies can.’ Von Kriegstein responds to this challenge by arguing that those prescriptions are wide-scope obligations that can be fulfilled by recusing oneself or by establishing appropriate safeguards. I argue that this solution falls short of fully resolving the RBC because individuals will often be incapable of recognizing when they are biased and incapable of establishing appropriate safeguards.

To download the full PDF, click here: Ancell on von Kriegstein on the ‘Radical Behavioral Challenges’ in Business Ethics

Aaron Ancell is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Bentley University

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