v10n3: Young on Singer on Disruptive Innovation


A COMMENTARY ON Abraham Singer (2019), “Business Ethics and Efficiency: The Market Failures Approach,” in The Form of the Firm: A Normative Political Theory of the Corporation, New York: Oxford University Press, 218–236.

Abraham Singer defends the Market Failures Approach (MFA) to business ethics from the objection that the MFA cannot account for the moral value of disruptive innovation. Singer argues that critics who attack the MFA on these grounds face a dilemma: either accept the MFA, along with its general prohibition on disruptive innovation, or reject the very idea that business and market competition should be understood as rule-governed activities at all. This commentary argues that the dilemma Singer poses to MFA critics is a false one.

To download the full PDF, click here: Young on Singer on Disruptive Innovation

Carson Young is an assistant professor in SUNY Brockport’s School of Business and Management.

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