v10n2: Kuyumcuoglu Responds to Kates

kuyumcuoglu“A Contractualist Defense of Sweatshop Regulation,” by Huseyin S. Kuyumcuoglu

AN INVITED RESPONSE TO Michael Kates (2021), “Sweatshop Regulations and Ex Ante Contractualism,” Bus Ethics J Rev 9(6): 33–39, https://doi.org/10.12747/j1i06


Kates argues that ex ante contractualism fails to defend interference with sweatshops on moral grounds. In this commentary, I argue that Kates does not apply this approach correctly. Ex ante contractualism, indeed, successfully defends interference and thus should still be considered an appealing alternative to other moral approaches for evaluating when and how to interfere in sweatshop conditions to help workers.

To download the full PDF, click here: Kuyumcuoglu Responds to Kates

Huseyin S Kuyumcuoglu is a visiting scholar at Kadir Has University and a co-founding member of the Society for Practical Philosophy, Turkey (Pratik Felsefe Toplulugu).

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