v9n7: Nevasto on Reeves and Sinnicks on Adorno’s Critical Moral Philosophy

Jaakko_NevastoAdorno’s Critical Moral Philosophy and Business Ethics, by Jaakko Nevasto


Reeves and Sinnicks present Theodor Adorno as a philosopher with a sombre message to business ethics. Capitalist markets distort our needs and work in business organisations stultifies our moral capacities. Thus, the discipline’s self-understanding must be revised, and supplemented with reflections on what would be good work: free creative activity. After raising some questions about their interpretation of Adorno’s writings on human needs, I argue that the paper does not contain all the necessary resources to support its ferociously critical claims. Once such resources are made available, however, the appeal to a notion of good work is no longer viable.

To download the full PDF, click here: Nevasto on Reeves and Sinnicks

Jaakko Nevasto‘s research focuses on business ethics, critical theory, and the philosophy of markets. (He can be reached at j.nevasto@outlook.com  )

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