v1n3: Néron on Whelan on Political CSR

“Toward a Political Theory of the Business Firm? A Comment on ‘Political CSR'” by Pierre-Yves Néron

A COMMENT ON Glen Whelan (2012), “The Political Perspective on Corporate Social Responsibility: a Critical Agenda,” Bus Ethics Q 22(4): 709–737. DOI: 10.5840/beq201222445

Abstract: Glen Whelan (2012) attempts to advance what he refers to as a “critical research agenda” for the “political perspective on corporate social responsibility (CSR).” Although I think his is a worthy attempt to build a political conception of the business firm and could represent a great intellectual journey, I make some remarks about the meaning and scope of this research agenda. My argument is simple: Rawlsian egalitarianism provides resources for a political theory of the business firm, but one that leads us in different directions than Whelan’s political CSR.

To download the full PDF, click here: Néron on Whelan.

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