v4 n4 Schäfer and Hühn on Levine and Boaks


Huehn Navarra“How much Aristotle is in Levine & Boaks’ Leadership Theory?” by Viktoria Ramona Schäfer and Matthias Philip Hühn

A COMMENTARY ON Michael P. Levine and Jacqueline Boaks (2014), “What Does Ethics Have to do with Leadership?” J Bus Ethics 124:225-242.

Levine and Boaks criticize the extant leadership literature for misrepresenting the connection between ethics and leadership. They propose a definition that they claim is novel and based on Aristotelian virtue ethics. This commentary argues that this approach, while it is an interesting idea, is essentially un-Aristotelian and that other approaches, for instance Alejo Sison’s and Joanne Ciulla’s are not only closer to Aristotle, but also do not have the problems that the authors identify in the mainstream of the leadership literature.

To download the full PDF, click here: Schäfer and Hühn on Levine and Boaks

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