Virtual Symposium on Business Ethics in Times of Pandemic

About a year ago, the editors of BEJR issued a call for submissions to a “virtual symposium” on business ethics in times of pandemic. We’ve been pleased to receive a number of submissions. The first three four Commentaries published as part of our virtual symposium are listed here. We’ll add to it as we publish additional commentaries. (And our original Call for Submissions — which remains open! — is appended below.)

Pandemic Preparation, Democracy, and the Morality of the Market, by David Silver

The Peculiar Nature of the Duty to Help During a Pandemic, by Santiago Mejia

What About Price Gouging By Employees?, by Alexander P Reese and Ingo Pies

Social Media Ethics and the Politics of Information, by Jennifer Forestal and Abraham Singer

Call for Submissions!

The Business Ethics Journal Review is seeking submissions for a virtual symposium on “Business Ethics in Times of Pandemic.”

Is the existing literature useful on the question of price-gouging? Given what has been written about CSR, what are an employer’s obligations to employees when business drops to zero? Should consumers embrace, or avoid, delivery services during a pandemic, in light of what has been written about the ethics of the gig economy? How and to whom should cleaning products and personal protective equipment (PPE) be marketed during a pandemic? These are just a few suggestions for topics that might be tackled as business ethics scholars contemplate the current crisis.

Business Ethics Journal Review (ISSN 2326-7526) is a peer-reviewed, online journal that has been actively publishing since 2013. We publish short (1,000-2,000 word) commentaries on peer-reviewed articles. It is edited by Alexei Marcoux and Chris MacDonald.

We are currently seeking short, focused commentaries on business ethics related to the current Covid-19 crisis. For this special symposium, we are relaxing our normal rules, while attempting to stay true to our basic mission. Accordingly, we offer the following guidelines for submissions:

– All submissions must be between 1,000 and 2,000 words, inclusive of abstract and citations.

– In light of our status as a journal review, submissions should be focused on commenting on prior literature.

– Authors are strongly encouraged to focus on literature from the last 10 years (the usual BEJR rule is 3 years!)

There is NO FIXED DEADLINE for this call, but potential authors should contact the editors ( to discuss their potential contribution.

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