BEJR Vol. 1

Business Ethics Journal Review, Volume 1 (2013)

Note: At BEJR, each Commentary or Response is published, immediately upon acceptance, as its own Number.

v1n1 (pp. 1-6): Jaworski on Heath: Peter M. Jaworski, “Moving Beyond Market Failure: When the Failure is Government’s”

v1n2 (pp. 7-13): Smith on Wettstein: Jeffery Smith, “Corporate Human Rights Obligations: Moral or Political?”

v1n3 (pp. 14-21): Néron on Whelan: Pierre-Yves Néron, “Toward a Political Theory of the Business Firm? A Comment on ‘Political CSR'”

v1n4 (pp. 22-27): Zwolinski on Mayer: Matt Zwolinski, “Are Usurious? Another New Argument For the Prohibition of High Interest Loans?”

v1n5 (pp. 28-35): Martin on Norman: Dominic Martin, “The Unification Challenge”

v1n6 (pp. 36-43): Hartman and Werhane on Porter and Kramer: Fullname, “Proposition: Shared Value as an Incomplete Mental Model”

v1n7 (pp. 44-49): Mayer Responds to Zwolinski: Robert Mayer, “The Cost of Usury”

v1n8 (pp. 50-56): Heath responds to Jaworski: Joseph Heath “Market Failure or Government Failure? A Response to Jaworski”

v1n9 (pp. 57-62): Wettstein Responds to Smith: Florian Wettstein, “Morality Meet Politics, Politics Meet Morality: Exploring the Political in Political Responsibility”

v1n10 (pp. 63-68): Whelan responds to Néron: Glenn Whelan, “Political Corporate Social Responsibility: Some Clarifications”

v1n11 (pp. 69-75): Hidalgo on Snyder: Javier Hidalgo, “Do Employers Have Obligations to Pay Their Workers a Living Wage?”

v1n12 (pp. 76-81): Singer on Hussain: Abraham Singer, “What is the Best Way to Argue Against the Profit-Maximization Principle”

v1n13 (pp. 82-85): Snyder responds to Hidalgo: Jeremy Snyder, “Disregard and Dependency”

v1n14 (pp. 86-91): Hussain responds to Singer: Waheed Hussain, “Tools and Marriages”

v1n15 (pp. 92-98): Buckley on Marcoux: Michael Buckley, “On the Essential Nature of Business”

v1n16 (pp. 99-105): Van der Ven on Thauer: Hamish van der Ven, “Bringing Values Back into CSR”

v1n17 (pp. 106-112): Beschorner on Porter and Kramer: Thomas Beschorner “Creating Shared Value: The One-Trick Pony Approach”

v1n18 (pp.113-119): Ohreen on Cohen: David Ohreen “The Limits of Empathy in Business Ethics Education”

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